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Team fundraising solved.

"$22,000 in our first campaign. Program-best results in fraction of the time."

Rosemount High School

Irish Lacrosse |

"Had heard of other teams using it before being pretty successful so I thought I'd try it too. With all the help I got from Max, it was really easy to do."

Bryan Rozo

Tennis Coach | Cascade High School, OR

"The pre-made messages were great. I loved that we had the option to personalize the messages too."

Samantha Shannon

Boys Volleyball Coach | Pinecrest Academy Cadence, NV


Book a 10 minute demo to get started!

How it works

We build your campaign
We'll set up your campaign on a quick 10 min Zoom call.
You launch it
Athletes sign in with cell phones, add friends & family.
We drive donations
We've got this! We message everyone and drive them to your donor page.
You hit your goal
We track donations and participation, so you stay focused on winning.